Bachelor Party


This is it!
You’ve made the first step towards changing your entire existence as you know it forever (no pressure…)

You are getting married!

But before you get hitched, you’re going to need one last spectacular stag to say goodbye to your bachelor lifestyle.


So what’s it going to be?
Will it be a night gambling away at River Rock Casino?

Or watching the Canucks play at Rogers Arena?

Or will it be a nonstop party at all of Vancouver’s hottest clubs?

Whatever it’s going to be, no stag is complete without that eye catching, jaw dropping stretch party SUV limousine.

Nothing will be more attention getting than cruising up to that popular club in the fully loaded, decked out stretch limousines.


Are you going to want to remember this?

Who knows what kind of crazy stuff will happen.

This could be a part you want to remember, or it also might be a day you want to block out of your memory for the rest of your life.  (Don’t worry, I’m sure your buddies will have already plastered photos of you all over the internet by the time you wake up.)

Our limousines conveniently come with tinted windows to give you privacy and protect your manhood—because who knows what your friends will make you wear, or not wear.

Start your night off with surround sound and your own climate-controlled ambiance.

Kick back with unlimited drinks of your choice.
**(Transporting booze in the limo is legal, but drinking it in the limo unfortunately is not… not our rule, it’s the law.  However, we will happily take you to your booze-consuming location of choice.)

Let RichCity Limo deal with the hassles of traffic and parking so you and your buddies can concentrate on having fun.  It’s your night, bro—we’ve got you covered.

Let loose and party like there’s no tomorrow.


PS… Would you like “a wedding limo” with that?
Unless you’re doing a destination wedding, you’ll probably need another limo for your wedding day.

Good news—when you book your wedding limousine with us too, you’ll receive a delicious discount.  Consider it a humble wedding gift from us to you.


Seal the deal—let’s do it! (that’s what she said)
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