Church Trips


Special Treatment For Special Guests

If you’re inviting special speakers for your church retreat or conference, why not treat them to a warm welcome and classy transportation to and from your venues.  It’ll make a great impression on your guests and make them truly feel honored.  They’ll definitely appreciate it and it’s a fantastic way to start off the retreat on the right foot—not to mention being able to get well acquainted during the trip.


Pastoral Perks

Or how about treating your very own pastors to a little treat?  Your pastors work hard and carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.  Instead of having them ride in the bus or drive themselves, have them all climb into a private chauffeured limousine and get driven to the church venue in caring comfort.


Our limousines hold a variety of group sizes and are even much more comfortable and safe for elderly members. Check out our fleet page to see what we have to offer.


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