Dining In Style

A smorgasbord of cuisine!

RichCity-Limo-Dining-In-Style_01Eating is an enjoyable experience…  Who doesn’t love eating?

We are lucky to be located in Richmond which is the “Asian food capital” of North America.

Richmond has consistently ranked as one of the best places outside of Hong Kong to eat Chinese food.

Combine that with the smorgasbord of cuisine available in Vancouver such as Thai, Japanese, Persian, Indian, Italian, French etc and we have a culinary feast that will satisfy every person out there.

Why not make your experience even more unforgettable by pairing it with one of our exquisite limousines?

Rich City Limo will whisk you off to the restaurant of your choosing anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

Not sure where to eat?  See some of our favorite recommended places below.


Save yourself the headaches and hassles

It’s Friday night and you’ve finally gotten a reservation at the hottest restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

You’ve given yourself what you think is enough time to get to Vancouver, through downtown traffic and one-way streets, find and pay for parking… but you didn’t realize that the Canucks are playing in Rogers Arena, Bard on the beach has set up their tents along the water and that there is a new exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

You drive around madly looking for parking, knowing that with each passing minute you are more and more likely to lose your reservation.

Why deal with that headache?


Book our limousines…

RichCity-Limo-Dining-In-Style_02…and we will drop you off right at the doorstep of your restaurant right on time, relaxed and ready to feast.

Trust us, the rest of your party will not enjoy having to walk 5 blocks in the cold rain just because there wasn’t any parking anywhere close by.

Treat yourselves to a good time and save yourself the sweat and stress of traffic, driving directions and parking.

Let us deal with the traffic the downtown bridges or the craziness that is Richmond on a weekday.

You can sit back, relax and enjoy your limousine experience and dining out in style!


Where to eat?!

With so many choices to choose from, it can be hard to decide.

See some of our recommended favorites below:

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant
One of the best Japanese restaurants in Richmond and the Lower Mainland.
Vij’s Restaurant
THE best Indian food in the Greater Vancouver area.
Bishop’s Restaurant
A fine example of Canadian fine dining.
French fine dining with fantastic food and fantastic service.


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